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Weather Pi

Weather forecast display built from a salvaged LCD display, an old frame and a Raspberry Pi.

Displays current weather, temperature, humidity, and forecast for the next three days. Background color changes according to the current temperature and gets darker at night.

Weather for Midori on GitHub


LCD display was salvaged from an old cheap tablet. It is a fairly standard part with 50-pin ribbon interface.


Initial setup with the LCD display, LCD driver board, and a Raspberry Pi.


Weather is displayed via a simple web page running in Midori browser in kiosk (fullscreen) mode. Midori is a very finicky browser, thus JavaScript had to be written in a careful way, such as defining functions before using them and never using nested functions.

Data comes from OpenWeatherMap and is refreshed every hour. Font is Futura Round Bold, icons are Windows 8 style icons from Icons8.


Prototype running.


LCD display attached to a custom-cut picture mat.


Picture mat, LCD, original frame's back panel, and a piece of laminate for mounting electronics. Back panel and mounting panel both have an opening for LCD's ribbon connector.


All electronics assembled and attached to the mounting board. The system is powered by a 12V power supply which powers the LCD driver board. There is a separate step-down to 5V for Raspberry Pi.