Welcome to my corner of the internet, whether you are visiting on the Web or through Gemini. Here, I post about books that I read, PICO-8 game development, self-hosted software, 3D printing, amateur electronics projects, and good old household DIY.

You can contact me via email: anton@yaky.dev

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2023-12-05 My PinePhone setup

Setting up PinePhone for daily use.

2023-10-31 Spooky stories: My cat is radioactive

Measuring my cat's radiation levels after radioactive iodine (I-131) treatment.

2023-10-20 Coworkers you meet as a software developer

Just some cynical observations from a decade of work.

2023-08-10 Simple Synapse Admin Tool

Small, simple, single-page web tool for handling users, rooms, and registration tokens on your Matrix Synapse server.

2023-06-13 Последний программист (рассказ)

Автор Gerbert V. Franke, перевел с немецкого Ростислав Рыбкин. Опубликован в журнале Наука и Жизнь №7 1990.

2023-04-09 My tech room

Cleaned up and updated basement storage room repurposed for my 3D printers and electronics.

2023-03-14 Starship Troopers by Robert Heinlein - my biased thoughts on the book

I finally read Starship Troopers, one of the sci-fi classics and subject of much criticism and political discussion, and these are my (biased) thoughts on it.

2023-02-21 PinePhone adapter for Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra accessories

3D-printed back cover for PinePhone that fits Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra accessories, such as battery cases.

2023-01-21 Synapse Room Cleaner

Simple web tool to clean up rooms on your Matrix Synapse server.

2022-12-31 Books I read in 2022

Books and stories I read in 2022 and their short reviews.

2022-12-28 In memory of Sasha P. Dog

In memory of our beloved dog who passed away so unexpectedly.

2022-12-10 Half-bathroom update

DIY update to the half-bathroom in our house.

2022-12-07 PICO-8 textured raycaster (Dark Streets devlog #2)

Adding wall textures, camera height, and fixing the fish-eye effect in the PICO-8 raycaster.

2022-11-30 PICO-8 raycaster basics (Dark Streets devlog #1)

First steps in writing a first-person shooter in PICO-8.

2022-11-21 Fun times with iOS development

A dive into the ridiculous world of mobile app development at my previous job.

2022-10-14 Considering a new daily driver

Comparison of several devices I am considering for everyday use.

2022-09-06 Wooden battery

How to wire and run an old smartphone without a battery.

2022-08-18 PinePhone Hardware Fixes

Two DIY hardware fixes for PinePhone BraveHeart (rev v1.1) to address battery drain (VBUS) and USB OTG functionality (VCONN)

2022-08-01 [WIP] Volty Pi - initial research

Ongoing project to integrate Raspberry Pi into Chevy Volt's infotainment system.

2022-07-16 SMP (SimpleX Messaging Protocol) server setup

Short guide on how to install SMP server to be used with SimpleX Chat.

2022-07-15 Set up a server for a static Web site and a Gemini capsule

Short guide / walkthrough on how this site / capsule was set up.

2022-03-17 Spot on Raspberry Pi

Building Spot (GTK4 Spotify client) on a Raspberry Pi.

2021-12-25 Books I read in 2021

My goal for 2021 was to read more. These are the books I read this year, ordered by genre and author, my ratings and short reviews of them.

2021-11-15 Cosmodrome

Rust tool to build a static WWW site and a Gemini capsule from common source.

2021-10-20 EasyPave Grid Driveway

Replacing an eroded driveway entrance with interlocking plastic grid pavers.

2021-04-08 JavaSpace

Simple engine for planetary bodies and voxels, written in vanilla JavaScript.

2019-05-01 Weather Pi

Weather forecast display made from a salvaged LCD display, a Raspberry Pi and an old frame.