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Cosmodrome is a tool to build a static WWW site and a Gemini capsule from a common source.

Cosmodrome on GitHub

This was my first Rust application. It's probably a bit amateurish, but, it's straightforward and it works.

I learned about the Gemini protocol a few months ago, and liked its simple yet functional approach. It is a perfect fit for a small site or blog, which I have been thinking about for a while. Of course, not everyone cares about new protocols, wants to install a separate browser or use the Gemini proxy, so it would also be a good idea to host a regular website along with the Gemini capsule, both built from the same source. Thus, the idea for Cosmodrome was born.

Cosmodrome takes source pages in gemtext markup, converts them into HTML, wraps both HTML and gemtext pages with a header and a footer, resulting in a simple static website and a gemini capsule.

Gemini protocol