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Simple Synapse Admin

Small, simple, single-page web tool for handling users, rooms, and registration tokens on your Matrix Synapse server.

I have been hosting a Matrix Synapse server for many years now. Although it has a vast admin API, it lacks a simple admin tool for frequent tasks such as password resets, user management, room cleanup, and registration token creation. Thus, I wrote this tool, trying to keep everything as small and simple as possible.

Synapse Admin fits into a single HTML page with <500 lines of uncompressed and readable code. You need a fairly modern browser because it uses Fetch API and string interpolation, but it does not have any external dependencies. The only communication that happens is between the page in your browser and the homeserver that you specify. There is an optional feature to save your credentials, which uses local storage, keeping it within your browser.

Simple Synapse Admin on this site

Simple Synapse Admin on GitHub Pages

Source code on GitHub

Simple Synapse Admin is a simplification and improvement of my previous Synapse Room Cleaner.

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