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Dark Streets Tech Demo 1

Playable demo of a Wolfenstein-like FPS I have been developing on PICO-8.

Download the cart

Play in the browser


Dark Streets is a first-person shooter for PICO-8, mechanically most similar to Wolfenstein 3D or Blake Stone, but also inspired by Doom, Blood, and Ion Fury.

I have been slowly developing this game in my free time over the last year and a half. I referenced LoDev and a paper by Amanatides and Woo for some of the raycasting steps, but the rest of the code and graphics are mine.

Big thanks to other PICO-8 first-person games:

Trial of the Sorcerer

Caped Feline Arena

Star Beast

Whiplash Taxi Co (not a shooter, but is first-person)

Raycasting renderer

Since the setting of the game is a city, I specifically wanted to write a renderer that could draw tall buildings, short objects, doors, and interiors. I think I am pretty close.


You can walk around, open doors, pick up and fire weapons (but can't kill the enemies yet).

Known issues