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Plasma Mobile

Smooth experience, but fast battery drain.

Known issues

Auto-reconnect to WiFi

Wireless connection does not reconnect after wake or reboot.

Run "sudo nmtui", edit your connection, and set flags for "Automatically connect" and "Available to all users".

postmarketOS issue on GitLab

Alternatively, modify the "/etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/MYCONNECTION.nmconnection" file and change "permissions=user:user:;" to "permissions="

Open parent issue on GitLab

Pure Maps

To properly work, Pure Maps needs:

Sound issues

Playing a test sound produces no sound and shows "Invalid state". There is no sound when adjusting the volume. Microphone does not show a level and audio recorder produces files of 0 seconds.

Install possibly missing packages: "sudo apk add pipewire-pulse wireplumber"

Reddit post (about Debian, but still applicable)