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New capsule/site build script and small design update.

This capsule/site is hosted on both Gemini and the Web. Since I wanted to publish the same content on both, and, at the same time, use additional features on the Web (CSS, inline images, custom headers and footers), I wrote a tool called Cosmodrome.

Post about Cosmodrome from 2021

While Rust is fun and really fast, processing text files and strings is not the best use case for it, IMO. Over the years, I also wrote several additional scripts to set up new posts, build the Atom feeds, and sync pages to the hosting server. So this collection was my "content management system"

To consolidate all of this functionality, as well as to make it simpler, more maintainable, and portable, I re-wrote cosmodrome and additional scripts into a new tool called Spaceport.

Spaceport on GitLab

Spaceport is the spiritual successor to Cosmodrome, and does the same thing: takes the source pages in gemtext markup language (.gmi files) and builds complete gemtext pages for Gemini, HTML pages for the Web, and Atom feeds for both.